DIY Diaper Cakes For Baby Showers

Do you want to make diaper cake for a baby shower? One of them you should check out some of the online resources that can provide basic ideas about designing cakes. There are also some things that you need and you will find in the baby store. If you want, you can buy from reputed online stores. If you have decided to go with this option remedy, of course you have to book in advance because it will takes about 3-5 days for delivery.


Some of the items you will need to make is the diaper around 60 pieces, ½ tape width of 1 inch, ¼-inch tape for bonding, baby bottles, rubber bands, plastic cake plate, baby items such as bottles, lotion, pacifiers, blankets, dolls animals, and health goods, as well as cake decorations like artificial roses, confetti and socks. When all things are ready, you can start working on the levels. You need to work one by one. The first level consists of one diaper ideal stage appropriate for newborns. Roll each disposable diapers use a small ribbon. Draw a circle around the bottle baby diapers or shampoo. You can also bind a diaper using a rubber band.

Add another layer of rolled diapers to make the pie bigger. Tie the outside using a larger band. In the second layer, the diameter of the cake should be smaller than the first. And at the very top level, you can use a baby bottle as a center and a roll of diapers. When all the layers is finished, you can decorate with pacifiers, bibs, or miniature stuffed animals. You can also use the stickers if necessary.

Make a baby shower diaper cakes can be very enjoyable. There are many designs that you can find on-line. It’s up to you will make it expensive or cheap cake, with a little imagination and creativity, you can make the best cake that has never existed before.

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    I like that diaper cake where could I get one done at for my baby shower