Classic Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower Invitations

Classic Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower Invitations


Who does not know about the cute bear character which having friends with pig, tiger, rabbit, kangaroo and donkey?

It is Winnie the Pooh, this movie were popular in the 1990a��s and even now we still can find any merchandise in this movie character.

This character is famous by his personality which slow-witted, friendly, thoughtful and steadfast. Everyone always know this character by the bear who wearing red shirt and likes to eat honey.

You can make the baby shower party in Classic Winnie the Pooh party themed and can afford the party decorations do it yourself or buy in discount stores.

You can decorated the party with the party themed poster as the backdrop and added balloons around the banner in yellow and red color.

Put banner pennants in words by turns with cut out some character in the movie or the characters itself. You can buy mylar balloons and put up in the ceiling or can be in the decorations next to the poster.

It can be added with yellow tablecloth and red fabric into ribbon shaped in the chair and you also can buy some party supplies in the party themed for the plates and cups.

You can served puffy cheetos before the party started or others finger food. Served main course is a must and dessert can be in creative way.

The easiest way is making cupcakes or tart and put cake ornament above or using cupcakes toppers.

You also can make fun with having fun games for the guest. If the kids is come to the party, make fun games which will using more activities so then the party will be more fun.

I hope this article will help you to plan the baby shower party. good luck!



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