Burgundy Gold Baby Shower Invitation Templates – Editable With MS Word

Our wedding is our special day to open the unlimited journey to the future as a couple. For that reason, even the smallest details, let’s say invitation card, you can’t think and handle it with simple mind, that everything will be going well. Of course, everything is going to be well, but you need to put so much effort to make sure that would be happening in the future. So, while we talk a bit about invitation card, I know that, isn’t that easy to make it on your own. Let me show you a clever little secret.

As for today, I’ll show you how to craft beautiful invitation card, not just for Wedding or sort of, but you can use it and do it in whatever you want. In today’s article, you will get six Burgundy Gold invitation card templates.



It comes in 5×7 format, and also editable with just a simple app, like Microsoft Word, as it also comes in Docx file version. This template has dazzling Gold geometric Frame Design, in which becoming so popular lately. Aside from that, you also got beautiful Canvas style background, and right underneath those Gold Frames, you will get beautiful Floral graphics in nice Burgundy and Greenery style color combinations.








How to Download

  1. Click the provided download button (it should be shown in Above).
  2. Wait for a second, and you would see Google drive download menu.
  3. Click download and locate where you want the file is going to be saved.
  4. Then Tap “Enter” to start the process.

How it works

First you need to install fonts inside the Fonts folder. Once you done with that, you can start to edit template and fill it with your party information. You need Microsoft Word 2007 or above, in order to be able to edit it. I’m pretty sure that most of you already had installed it in your device. Okay, then last but not least, print the template on 5×7 Card-stock paper. Actually, it doesn’t have to be that paper, but if you’re looking for the best on the market, that’s the best one you can get.

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