8+ Best Rainbow Party Birthday Invitation Templates For Your Kid’s Birthday Party

          From my own retrospective, I think birthday party is pretty much a recycle or repeating thing from someone or anyone who is becoming the inspiration and turn it into a new “concept” for others. It doesn’t make it sound bad or so, meanwhile, it’s also became a good way for beginner to learn something new and it’s also applied to Party Industry, especially Birthday events.

See below, so you got the idea of what does it means to have “inspiration” to help you create your own invitation card for any event you are going to have.



          Rainbow is a great example of concept that’s been in everyone’s mind for celebrating their kid’s birthday. There are seven template designs, and also came with an empty space to allow you insert your cute baby or kid’s photo to the card. It’s going to be much easier for you to work with it, since it comes in JPG file, which support you to use a simple app like Ms. Word or even Adobe Photoshop, if you already had plenty of hours in editing before.









By the way, you already got the point of why it’s great to have such inspiration for your own occasion, and in this case, you have this 7+ Rainbow Party birthday invitation templates. It has both cute yet beautiful decorations like Cloud, Pastel Rainbow, Candles, Stars and so forth. Those are the least part I could mentioned today, since there are seven of them, and I’m sure you will be pleased to see every single of them. Okay, are you ready to craft your own invitation? Really? Well, this following guides will help you, here they are:

  1. Choose your favorite design and left-click the image.
  2. A new page will appear soon and Right-Click the image.
  3. Select “Save Image As” – Locate the destination folder.
  4. Tap “Enter” on your keyboard to start the download process.
  5. Check your download, and open the file either with Ms. Word or Adobe Photoshop.
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