7+ Stunning Gold Balloons Birthday Invitation Templates

Actually, there is no specific way that says you need to do this and that for your party. But it’s clear that you can follow those who already had experiences in particular concept, so you can keep on track and even make it better.

Well, today’s article was also coming from cute stories which happened to my childhood friend. She purposely making the card to match with her own actual party, but she took a big leap in the process of making her own invitation card. I think it’d be great if you also see it and tell me what’s your opinion about it.



At that time, she had a lovely Disney Princesses themed birthday bash for her little sweetheart, but she didn’t want to use what typically people will do. Meanwhile, she asked me to create a unique invitation card, that has both its cute and elegant side. I came up with these collections, a lovely made 7+ invitation card template.

It has charming diagonal pattern on its back, it’s great to attract everyone’s attention though. Sometimes we need to think outside out of the box, and it goes perfect with what you are going to need for you party. Especially for those who is celebrating their kid’s birthday, and definitely need a one-of-a-kind element to their party. Invitation card is the best answer for that particular question.







Judging by how its look, it’s so important for everyone to make sure that their invitation could also become memorable and inspire others to do the same way. It’s not that hard actually, and here in this site, you can find hundred invitation card templates for free. And today, you are going to have a chance to see the latest collection in our design, and it looks like these,

Download Instructions

  1. You need to left-click the preview image, and a new pop up page will be shown shortly, then right-click the image
  2. Select save image as, locate the destination folder and tap enter.
  3. Now open the file with either Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Word (Recommended for beginner).
  4. Print the final draft on cardstock paper for the best result.
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