7+ Beautiful Watercolor Butterfly Baby Shower Invitation Templates

My sister in law visited me last month, and she was desperately looking for a help, someone who can create invitation card based on her ideas. I came to rescue her as soon as she closed the phone. Luckily, I got my hands able to do the magic for her and I could finish it in just a few hours. A day after her request, I met her and show her my sketch and she was going crazy with it, and I asked her, if it’s okay for me to create another version based on it, and she said yes. It was good news for us, because I was able to made a few others for you and you are going to see it today.



Basically, her idea was to have a beautiful invite with gorgeous “butterfly” as the main protagonist or element to the card. It wasn’t that easy at first, but gladly I could figure it out, how to perfectly capture her imagination into beautiful watercolor butterfly invitation templates. Anyway, you also get the chance to have it for free though.







I made 7+ designs, so you can have a freedom to choose only the best for you, or maybe keep the rest and share it to your friends. The card has beautiful watercolor background, the base was white and I decided to put a little brush stroke element to the card, so it kind of look like a real painting. Besides that, you also get unique and catchy texts or phrases in gold glitter finished, it says, Butterfly Kisses & Birthday Wishes, isn’t that sounds so cute? Right? Hahaha. Those texts will be accompanied by the beautiful watercolor butterfly in numerous styles.

Download Information

To download all of these adorable yet stunning templates, click on each one of soon-to-be your invitation card, hang on a second, a new page will appear soon, the next step is click your right mouse button and tap on “save image as” and decide where the template file will be saved in your device. Then tap “Enter” or click “Save” on the pop-up menu to start the download process.

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