5 Unique Ideas Baby Shower Favors For Girls

Sugar and spices will be everything that is good for little girls. If you or someone you love expecting a baby girl and threw gender themed baby, this is an appropriate way to reflect the joyous occasion. Everyone will just love the sweetness of a newborn baby. You can share the excitement with them by giving them a pink baby shower favors unique and easy to remember.

Here are some recommendations souvenirs that you can give to your guests. Not only as gifts, they are also very practical but enjoyed as well.

Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice Sugar Bowl. The size of this sugar bowl would be very impressive in person. You can very easily find in the market today. Buy pre-package for your convenience and place it on the table. For a sweet touch, you can fill them with sugar cubes.

Pink Ice Cream Bowl. Ice cream will treat the right to recall them. Use ice cream bowls are several options that fit your theme. Will take the form of traditional cups for ice cream martini shaped for mothers to-be trendy.
Pink Cake towel. Mother to-be will receive a small cloth for newborn babies are a staple for every baby clothes. You can share with your guests by giving them a cake that looks like a real faux, but made of cloth.

Photo Frame. This is a classic favors are perfect for guests to remember the baby there. Please send pictures of your baby by inserting images into frame sizes to give to your guests.


A Single Pink Rose. A rose would be very sweet to give to your guests. There are many roses memento made of crystal, wood, porcelain capodimonte which can be stored for many years to come.
To get more ideas unique baby shower favors, you can browse the web to find the perfect reminder for your day.

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