10+ Fun Calling All Party Animals Baby Shower Invitation Templates

As you might have already knew it, both my sons love to see animals, and really care about it. When they got their first kitten at my house, I can’t believe it that my youngest son even shed tears – you can imagine how happy he was at that time. Through animals, we can teach our kids that we are as human can’t do harm to others, and it also applied to animals, since they also a living things and deserves our loves.

This particular thing can also be used for a birthday or baby shower theme, and it’s going to be so much fun! I had this a couple years back, and last time I watched it in my sister’s baby shower party, and Party Animals theme still has the magic to attract everyone. If you are interested to see and learn how to make it done in just a few minutes, please have a look at this,



From my perspective, this design was successfully replacing the number spot of my favorite invitation card design for kids’ birthday party. And you will know it very well. There are 10+ designs, it comes in JPG format and portrait orientation. Each of them will have their own unique “design”, such as blank, it means it only had gorgeous greenery leaves border, or another ones, that has baby zebra and giraffe. There is a plenty of things you can get if you consider this as your final invitation card design.










Download Instruction

  • Choose your favorite template
  • Click on each one of your selected template
  • A pop-up page will appear so you will need to wait for a second
  • Right click those image or template
  • Then choose “Save Image As” and Tap your “Enter” key to download it
  • Now your template will be automatically saved

You may have a question about “How to edit the template” Right? If so, we suggest you to use a simple application, like your default windows app (Microsoft Word and Paint). Besides that, we recommend you to pick card-stock paper as your printing material, because it’s commonly used for this type of occasion and has good durability.


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