9+ Refined Flora Baby Shower And Birthday Invitation Templates

by Andrew

Discover aesthetic and chic ways to adorn your party invitation here.

          It has been a week since me and my little family spent our staycation in nearby city, visiting a few landmarks and finishing it off with big plating of BBQ. It was awesome and I can’t wait to get another one soon! 😂. Okay, that’s for the beginning and why we don’t talk about what’s in this post? See below to find.



9+ Refined Flora Baby Shower And Birthday Invitation Templates





9+ Refined Flora Baby Shower And Birthday Invitation Templates





          To start you thinking about ideas and inspiration for your paper suite, gladly, we’ve rounded up our latest collection invitations, featuring the enchanting beauty of nature; Flowers, such as Roses and Magnolia, along with additional element that I personally added it later on … What’s that? Yep. You might know it already. There are beautiful butterflies and birds in watercolor finished, it gives the overall design good vibrant or vivid contrast between each elements.

          Aside from its enchanting appearance, this template is great to represent your party or message behinds it. The soft palette representing serenity, stability, inspiration, or wisdom. Wasn’t that great to represent your party? Anyway, this collection comes in 8+ designs, in portrait orientation card and it also had several text box styles (Rectangle, Ellipse or no-text box).

Anyway, if you think you could impress your family and friends with this lovely designed birthday invitation card, you can download it by now. Read the instruction below, it will guide you.

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