9+ Luxury Marble Geometric Rose Birthday Invitation Templates

by Andrew

Preparing for your child’s first birthday is another significant milestone for you, particularly because it is a new experience for both you and your husband. You might be thinking that it wasn’t easy to deal with, given that a lot of things had to be done correctly to make it happen the way you had envisioned it in the first place.

Let’s speak a little more about how to make your own invitation card if you don’t know how to do it properly or if you’ve heard it referred to as beginner. Here are a few samples that you can use to learn from or even to use as an invitation card. It’s completely free and may be customized to your liking.



          Flowers had thousand ways to deliver your message, from showing your love towards someone – to depicting your taste for arts. This template is perfectly fit for those who wants to feature stunning watercolor design or painting into their party. The card was surrounded by beautiful roses, magnolia and foliage. Those will work as the border of the card, meanwhile, at the center of the card, you will find dazzling, vintage ornament.





9+ Luxury Marble Geometric Rose Birthday Invitation Templates





9+ Luxury Marble Geometric Rose Birthday Invitation Templates


Download Information

  • Left-click your selection then waits till you see a new tab pop up on your display.
  • Right-click the image or template, select Save image as > Locate the folder.
  • Tap Enter to start the download process or you can just click the Save
  • Once it’s finished, you have to check the file by opening it with some sort of editing apps (See below).

How to open the file

  • There is no limitation in term of what kind of apps you are going to use, even the basic Microsoft Word (2007 or later) is more than enough to do the simple customization.
  • Alternative apps: Adobe Photoshop, Ms. Paint (Free) and Corel Draw.
  • Printing paper: Cardstock, Kraft, Velum, and Cotton. (Choose one).

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