8+ Minimalist Digital Hand Drawn Flowers Birthday Invitation Templates

by Andrew

Find the right invitation for your baby shower here, and you won’t be left alone with nothing but awful design. This Modern design is derived from the latest trends and it’s already in my top list of the best party invitation for the 2021-2022. See below to see how great it is.



          A classy staycation is what do people are keen their eyes on. Picnic would be the second to none, it all depends on how you pour your efforts. Take this opportunity to show how serious you’re hosting the event. It has the details that can easily be recognized by your guest that they’re going to have the best picnic day in the town.



8+ Minimalist Digital Hand Drawn Flowers Birthday Invitation Templates







Take the design you’ve found and play around with the different floral and colorways to see which you prefer best. If there isn’t one you love, you can always personalize our design with your own favorite elements.

To download these elegant collection, you only need to click on each one of your selected template, right click on them – choose “save image as”, and your template will be saved automatically on your default download location.

Short guides for choosing paper material

Printing materials comes in plenty of names, textures, finishes as well as colors. In general, you should look up to the overall best, in order to get the best invitation card. You have to be specific now, pick either Cotton or Cardstock paper, for the sturdy and luxury feels, meanwhile, choose Kraft/Linen/Standard text paper for budget-wise.

FYI, cardstock paper is the best one you can get on the market, it has the ability to absorb ink so it can produce vibrant colors and sharp images, the other one is known to be strong and sturdy paper type, these one is most widely used for postcards, as well as wedding and birthday party invitation cards.

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