8+ Funny Wish Dragon Birthday Invitation Templates

by Andrew

          Long, Din Song and Li Na Way set off on a wild adventure and laugh in Wish Dragon movie. It takes place in modern day of Shanghai. It’s definitely great movie to watch with your kids! And today, I teamed up with my best friend, doing a silly collaboration to make the lovely characters in Wish Dragon into twinkling cute party invitations.



          The joyful adventure is perfectly captured here in twinkling cute design. It displays the bubbly Dragon named Long who’s emerged to turn as dragon right after he drink tea from elderly man. So, you might already know a bit of the story, right? Yeah, that’s true! And I think I have tried my best for displaying it here, alongside other characters and beautiful elements such as the white sparkles, metallic gold text frame and many more.





Party Activities

  • Bubble Wrap Race
    • Roll out a large sheet of bubble wrap on the ground in an open space. Now instruct the children to cross over the bubble wrap without popping any of the bubbles. The kid who crosses without any noise wins the game.
  • Photo Scavenger Hunt
    • Sketch out a map for the kids, indicating where they may need to go and give them picture clues of what they need to find. Keep rewards or chocolates along with each of these clues. If you are conducting this game in a public space, ensure to send an adult to chaperone the kids.


8+ Funny Wish Dragon Birthday Invitation Templates




How to Download

  1. There are two basic ways to download the file:
    • Left-click the preview image > Right-click > Save Image As
    • Or directly Right-click > Save Image As
  2. After that, locate where you want the file to be placed or saved in your device.
  3. For easier to access, you can place it on your desktop if you are using Laptop or PC.
  4. Anyway, if you done with where the file is going to be placed, tap “Enter” to start the download process.


  • Software to use: Microsoft word, Adobe Photoshop, Ms. Paint (Choose one).
  • Basically, all the provided texts were written inside “Text-box”, so if you’re going to add additional text, you’ll need to insert another text-box for that.

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