8+ Blush Floral Baby Shower Invitation Templates

by Andrew

The blush floral templates were requested by one of my close friend, she recently moved next to my apartment and we didn’t get any clue for almost two months. Hahaha. I bet it’s all because my hectic schedule for the past two months. Anyway, this collection was coming from her idea, a beautiful collection of flowers and blush filter that makes it even prettier.

Are you interested to see it? Here they are,


8+ Blush Floral Baby Shower Invitation Templates


Let’s planning your baby’s even more special by using and inviting numerous guests to your floral drenched event. It features an admirable design. It has an outstanding design idea, beautiful watercolor roses and magnolias were placed randomly around the card, on top of solid white layer and gorgeous watercolor layer. The gorgeous background layer is perfect to display your special party details. Nothing much easier than working on this ones, since you can do it all by yourself at home and using your precious smartphone to do the customization.

This following template is indeed suitable for 2021 to 2022’s events. Since many people were showing so much love into this concept and use it any occasions they had, from wedding to pristine baby shower. How amazing is that? This is a perfect set of invitation card to display your special party and we can guarantee you this cards will encourage many guests to come at your delightful party. 



8+ Blush Floral Baby Shower Invitation Templates







Download Information

Are you ready to give add your personal touch? Let’s get this thing started, this following instructions will guide you to download our lovely template. Here they are,

  • Click on your selected template, wait for a second & new pop up page will be appeared.
  • Or Right-Click the image, and choose “Save image as”
  • Locate where the template will be saved in your device, or you can leave it as it is, so the saved file will be in your default download folder.
  • Tap “Enter” on your keyboard and your download process will begin shortly.
  • I almost forgot to mention it, you can use “Card-stock” paper as the printing material that you’re going to use.

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