7+ Modern Chic Marble Geometric Greenery Birthday Invitation Templates

by Andrew

Today, we are going to have fun reading and presentation session, which we also bring our latest collection here in this post. We’ve rounded up each of our favorite inspiration, did some rough sketching and we are pretty much pleased by the result. Therefore, we bring them for you.

From my retrospective, greenery plants are timeless and chic and with the striking bold colors, instead of over-bright and bold palette. With the other way around, they’ll create the breathtaking presentation that match with your event, from wedding to baby shower party.



Beforehand, I would like to mention because of my husband, he helped me such a lot within the process of constructing this collection. He gave me this concept, a sort of Minimalistic design. Unfortunately, it took me for a long time, so as to urge the simplest result, since I’ve gotten only two hands, how lucky I am, having supportive partner who’s willing to assist me creating some illustrations. Anyway, this card, (as always), it comes in six different designs or styles. It’s very useful for you, you’ll be able to make it as an entire set, from party invitation to many thanks card.



7+ Modern Chic Marble Geometric Greenery Birthday Invitation Templates




Our invitation may be a soft, feminine design, blending shade of green with blush and touch of gold. Whether you’re trying to find whimsical or floral invitations, it’s understated that this elegant invitations are yours! the attractive blends of watercolor painting and negative spaces are definitely set a romantic tone for your big day which can promise all things bright and delightful. Tip: the designs are an ideal match for any events abundant with natural flowers.

Beginner’s Guides

To download your favorite templates, you only need a few steps, Right-click your selected template, then choose “save image as” and your download will be automatically started right away. 

This template format is compatible with the major conventional printers out there, so you can decide either to handle it by yourself at home to minimize your budget or you can have custom print from your local printing shop and spend some bucks to get a better result. You can use cardstock as your printed paper, it comes with a variety of colors, textures, and thickness, an absolutely perfect choices for birthday and wedding invitation cards.

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