Little Prince Baby Shower Invitations

Little Prince Baby Shower Invitations


Hi Everyone, Please come and join us to Bridget Callahan baby shower party.

Everyone always dreaming to be a princess or prince when was kid. They like the gown, crown, dancing queen and so much more.

Little Princess Twin Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

Bridget likes Disney and she was obsessed with Disney princess and prince and some magical creatures. She likes everything about Disney and she was collecting a bunch of movie of Barbie dolls and prince dolls.

The baby shower party theme is little prince. The party will be decorated in blue and white strip backdrop which has crown cut out which put in the backdrop.

Walt Disney Princess Theme Baby Shower Decoration

The decorations will be decorated in banner garland which shaped in the gold star cut out and it also have prince sculpt put in the stage.

Everyone will get plastic crown which wearing in the party. That is also the party of the costume. Girls will get pink plastic crown and guys will get blue plastic crown.

Pink And Brown Princess Baby Shower Invitation

The party also will have paper fan decorations and also fluffy tissue paper decorations in dark and soft blue color which hanging up in the party room.

The party will decorated in blue tablecloth and it also has party supplies in plastic plates and plastic cups in the party themed.

Pink Princess Baby shower Invitation Printable

Kids can have fun with the fun games, everyone can join the game and that also will have special prize for the games winner.

It will have food and beverages for the guest. The guest also can enjoy food which shaped in the party themed.

The baby shower party theme is:

Date: Monday, 27 June 2016

Time: 15:00-17:00

Place: 2825 Wood Street, Mount Hermon, LA 70450.


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